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How to nail the ATAR English and Literature exam

Success in all English and Literature exams depends on your ability to think quickly, write clearly and express your ideas in a fresh way. This is not easy, but with expert coaching in how to develop ideas, how to effectively research the material you need to draw on, and how to practise writing quickly and well, you will have a much better chance at success. Because of my unique experience in teaching writing and English, and working with leading ATAR teachers, I can show you precisely where you need to put your best effort in order to succeed. Please contact me for an obligation-free chat about your needs.




About me

Following a 20 year career in advertising, I began teaching students the skills of story craft in 2006, which I continued through to 2015. I taught High School English for 3 years, lectured and tutored undergraduate and masters students over a 3 year period, marked university Honours degree exams, and have provided professional development programs for teachers of ATAR English in creative writing for 4 years. My PhD entitles me to be called 'Doctor of Philosophy.'

My Qualifications

  • PhD (English, Comparative Literature & Creative Writing)

  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary, English)

  • Bachelor Arts (English & Creative Arts)

Legal Requirements

  • Working With Children Check #1317678

  • National Police Clearance #80A63C5587, 2023

  • Member Teachers Registration Board of WA

Is Tutoring Right For You?

Students often seek subject-specific tutoring because they feel they are not learning well enough during class time. You may, for example, be seeking knowledge that will help solve what you perceive to be immediate problems in your learning, such as passing an impending exam. Alternatively, you might be wanting expert advice to help you lift your grades or develop your knowledge and skills to a higher level. In both of these situations, expert tutoring can be of great help.

However, I do recommend that your class teacher should be one person you turn to for help, after all they know your learning style and needs best. If you think you might benefit from tutoring, I would like to have that conversation with you, beginning with a free discussion about your goals. If I believe I can help you, I will let you know. I will also let you know if I believe that I can't help.

Begin with a Free Discussion about your goals

Click on Manage Bookings in the menu above to schedule a time for a free 30 minute chat with me to discuss your goals and tutorial requirements. This will help determine how much tutorial time you might benefit from and allow me to do some background research into any specific issues you might be concerned about. It is also an opportunity for me to answer your questions before you decide if tutoring is right for you, and if I'm the right person for your needs.

Book Your Tutorials

The Manage Bookings link is also where you book your tutorials. Tutorial time slots are different to the free chat times. There are two time slots available 3 days per week. Each time slot is for 1 hour. You can book any available slot. At this stage multiple bookings have to be made individually; i.e. you choose time slots and dates and register each individually.


Payment is made by clicking the buttons below the booking schedule. You can choose to pay per session, or in blocks of four or eight. This payment system is for credit or debit cards, including applepay and googlepay. If you would prefer to pay by EFT, please let me know and I'll issue an invoice for that purpose.

Contacting Me

If you experience any problems, you should contact me using the contact information on the contact page.

Our Business Entity

Our business is The Price Family Trust, trading as Logorythm, ABN 99789441671.
Your tax invoices for Kevin Price Tutoring are issued by Logorythm.